Slow cooking


Alessandra lives together with her son Pietro in her father's old house.
It's a big property with a long history and full of memories. Here, there is always someone over for dinner and, together with Pietro, she loves to cook for everyone using old recipes left by her great-grandmother.

And while they are together, the "Rustica" range cooker spreads its warmth throughout the whole house.

Let's take a look at it together. 



Simple lines and wide all-glass doors

"The style of the range cooker, elegant and discreet, perfectly adapts to our interiors, dominated by antique furniture. Plus, the all-glass door provides a full view of the flame and the light of it transforms the room."

The "Rustica" collection stands out for its simple design, achieved by using smooth enamel metal surfaces (black or bordeaux).

Details, like the profiles, handrail pipe and knobs are available in a brass or stainless steel, while the feet are provided in a cast version, like the ones chosen by Alessandra, or a black metal version. Alternatively, choose to have a base, ideal for built-in solutions. 
Rustica is available in the 140 and 120 cm combined versions (lge = wood, gas, electric) or in the 60-90-100 cm wood-only versions (l = wood).


Rediscovering old techniques

"My great-grandmother's old recipe book led me to discover a world of flavours, where a wood-burning fire was the prevailing element.

Anything I cook on a wood-burning flame has a different taste. It's important to be calm and patient. It takes time - sometimes a long time - and maybe we should reconsider that today and radically slow down the pace we're living at.

The cast iron plate is handy because it is very hot near the rings, which is ideal for browning food, while on the edges it lets you cook slowly or keep food warm."

The Corradi's cast iron plate stands out for being extra thick (8mm), which ensures longevity and a more even overall temperature throughout the whole cooking process.
In the 140 cm combined model and in the 100 and 90 cm wood-burning models, Rustica is also available with a large traditional wood-burning oven.

Rustica's combined models are available with a wide 58 or 45-litre electric multifunction oven that provides 9 different kinds of cooking techniques. 
The rotisserie function is integrated as standard. 
The ''easy to clean'' enamel and self-cleaning panels make cleaning extremely easy.
The food warmer compartment is handy for keeping plates warm while cooking.


The magic of cooking and heating at the same time

"In an old house like ours, with poor insulation, heating costs with traditional fuels would be sky-high. In winter, the wood-burning range cooker helps us heat not only the room where it is installed, but also all the other ones."
Alessandra chose a ''Thermo'' version range cooker that, in addition to the traditional cooking function, was created to be integrated into the home's heating system. The heat generated in the brazier helps heat the water in the radiators or the underfloor heating system.
By integrating a heat exchanger and even a storage system (puffer tank), you can also have domestic hot water.
The large 50 or 40-cm deep brazier allows for a considerable operating time. With a moderate fire and wood logs with a strong core , the embers stay warm for up to 6 hours after the last load.
The all-glass door makes the presence of fire in the room even more pleasing.

The size of the ash pan means that it only needs to be emptied every 2-3 days.

If you use the top flue, you can add a decorated cast smoke ring.

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