Radiant wood-burning hob made of cast iron

While the firebox pleasantly heats the room, the cast iron hob unexpectedly provides an area where you can cook. You can use the rings, where the temperature is higher, to brown food, while a diffused heat is provided on the sides, perfect for food that needs to be cooked slowly, like risotto, braised meat and sauces.

The hob is quite thick (as much as 8 cm), which means it holds heat longer, even when the flames have died.
Rediscover the pleasure of slow cooking with the radiant cast iron hob.
Hot water tank

People who cook often know how useful it is to always have hot water "on tap". The cast iron hob is designed to be fitted with a hot water tank, entirely in line with the J.Corradi style (a feature available on 90 L, 100 L, 140 L models and combined models).
Hot water always available
Fry-top electric hob

You can add a "fry-top" section to the gas or electric hob, perfect for grilling. This is a thick cooking plate made with mirror-polished stainless steel (8 mm). The temperature can be set from 60 to 300°. The excess liquid is collected in the tank for easy cleaning after use. 
The light taste of grilled food
Gas or electric hobs

Compared with other ones on the market, gas hobs stand out for the sturdiness and longevity of their burners and cast iron racks. You can see for yourself by simply picking them up.
Electric induction hobs are available as alternatives to gas hobs. By directing the power generated directly on the ferromagnetic bottom of the cookware ready for use. This system does not disperse heat and ensures an energy performance of over 90%.
There are also glass ceramic hobs, which stand out for being user-friendly and easy to clean.
Various solutions to customise your hob

In a deep brazier like J.Corradi (from 40 to 50 cm, depending on models) you can burn very large logs and loading can be done less often. If you are using wood with a strong core and you don't always keep the fire at maximum heat, you can have hot embers up to 6 hours after the last load. 
A large brazier for a long-lasting fire
Wood-burning oven

Try it for yourself: the taste of food cooked with a wood-burning oven is unique. The warmth of a wood-burning oven envelops the food, rather than attacking it on just one side and ensures excellent results with any dish.
J.Corradi wood-burning ovens are very large (58 or 45 litres) and, thanks to their top quality refractory materials, keep a constant, even temperature so you can cook even when the embers have died .
The enveloping warmth of a wood-burning oven
Static electric oven

Lots of dishes that need to be cooked simultaneously? In larger models, along with the big multifunction oven, you can choose a smaller 45-litre static second oven. It provides the 4 classic cooking methods. Great for cakes, roasts, skewered meat, etc. The "easy to clean" enamel does just what it says.
An extra oven when you need it
Multifunction electric oven

Multifunction electric oven made by J.Corradi (80 or 56 litres) feature heavy-duty construction. They offer 9 types of cooking and a standard, built-in rotisserie function. The "easy clean" enamel and self-cleaning panels make cleaning extremely easy.
A wide electric oven with 9 functions
Ash box

The ash produced in the brazier is conveniently collected in very large box, which can be easily removed. This means you don't need to empty it very often and you only need to think about it every 2-3 days.
An ash pan that is so big you won't need to think about it for days
Food warmer compartment

It's very handy to have a place where you can keep food that needs to wait a little while. Here we're just under the wood-burning oven, where the warmth is provided by the wood.
A handy place to keep your dishes warm
Storage compartments

The bottom drawers are handy to store plates and tableware.  
Comfortable spaces to use as you like


Natural convection heating

J.Corradi kitchens have been designed to make the most of the so-called "continuous fire" technique. By using wood with a strong core and by keeping the flame at a moderate level, you will have hot embers up to 6 hours after the last load. So a perfect cooking appliance turns into a useful system to heat the room where it is installed in a highly cost-effective way.
The wide glass doors make the presence of fire in the environment even more pleasing.
A pleasant natural warmth
Heating the water of the existing system

In addition to the traditional function of cooking, J. Corradi range cookers in the ''Thermo'' version are created to be integrated with your home's heating system (radiators or underfloor heating). By optimising how the heat is used in the firebox, they ensure substantial energy savings.
These range cookers can also be integrated with a heat exchanger to generate domestic hot water.
Heat the whole house with your cooker


Take a look at J.Corradi wood-burning range cookers

Moderna. A brand new range cooker with a timeless contemporary design. The extreme attention to visible and invisible details is combined to an optimal performance and an extremely ease of use. Moderna’s simple and linear design features a chrome-plated aluminium frame, which raises the entire structure from the ground and lightens it, and has no sharp edges whatsoever. Corners, doors and handles are bevelled and welded for better ergonomics and a great aesthetic effect. It is available in wood-burning and combined (wood/gas/electric) versions.

Sophisticated details, fine finishes and all the functions to cook like a chef.

Country is the thermo cooker chosen by Beppe to prepare fine dinners for friends and heat his loft at the same time.

Essential lines and shapes, perfect for contemporary settings.

Neos is the range cooker chosen by Matilde to rediscover old cooking techniques with modern functions.

The timeless charm of majolica, to mix and match in endless variations. 

Borgo Antico is Orsa's favourite wood-burning cooker. She uses it to prepare a variety of dishes and heats her farmhouse. 

A simple and elegant style, with large glass doors, suitable for any setting.

Rustica is the thermo range cooker chosen by Alessandra to heat her father's house, where she cooks traditional recipes.

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