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Welcome to Orsa's house. 
With a long-lasting passion for gastronomic traditions, Orsa is an anthropologist specialising in the history of nutrition.
She lives in a farmhouse immersed in the green countryside, where she holds cooking classes that also become a chance to discuss historical and cultural issues.
"Borgo Antico" is a complete wood-burning range cooker that also helps to heat the whole house.

Let's take a look at it together. 


Borgo Antico

The timeless charm of ceramics

"I have a real passion for Andalusian azulejos and I obviously chose a majolica range cooker."
Borgo Antico represents the authentic welcoming style of typical traditional economical range cookers. It is covered with decorated majolica surfaces secured with a screw at the centre and cast feet for an even more traditional look. Alternatively, there is a metal base, which is particularly suitable for built-in solutions.
The doors can be blind, i.e. covered with a ceramic cladding, or made of glass.
The profiles of the doors and drawers, the handrail pipe and the knob finishes are made of brass, antiqued brass and stainless steel.
Borgo Antico is available in the small wood-only versions (60, 90, 100 cm) or gas/electric versions (60 or 100 cm), both in the wide size of the combined version, 120 and 140 cm.

Borgo Antico

All the functions for a variety of cooking techniques

"Once upon a time, housewives used to bake bread in big wood-burning ovens. They were times to share experiences, talk together. I love to recreate that atmosphere with my wood-burning oven."
Orsa chose a blind oven door with glass on the inside. Alternatively, a glass door is available.  
"With the cast iron plate, I've rediscovered the art of cooking directly on a flame. I can either remove or add a ring depending on the dish I need to cook. It's ideal for traditional dishes, the ones that make up our childhood, like soups, stews and pies."
The plate is quite thick (8mm) and keeps a constant temperature and maximum durability over time. It is already designed to be fitted with a hot water tank, which comes in very handy when you're cooking (feature available on 90 L, 100 L models and combined models).

"I use the multifunction electric oven in spring and summer, but also in winter for elaborate dishes where I need to carefully control the internal temperature. For instance, all leavened cakes would be difficult to cook in the wood-burning oven.
The gas hob is particularly sturdy. I love feeling the weight and solidity of the burners. Definitely another feeling compared to other products on the market." 

As an alternative to the gas hob, Borgo Antico is also available with an induction or glass ceramic, fry-top or barbecue top.

Borgo Antico

A "green" contribution to heat the whole house

"We have a very big house with thick walls and high ceilings. I choose the "thermo" version of range cooker to help the traditional system and to heat the radiators in the bedrooms."
In addition to the traditional cooking function, "thermo" versions are created to be integrated with the home's heating system. The heat generated in the brazier helps heat the water in the radiators or the underfloor heating system.
By integrating a heat exchanger and even a storage system (puffer tank), you can also have domestic hot water.
"Loading the wood-burning stove is a routine that has now become a nice habit. In any case it's handy not having to load it very often, since the high quality materials keep the heat for a really long time." 
The big firebox (50 or 40 cm deep) means you can put in large logs and thanks to the "continuous fire" technique, it ensures the embers stay hot for up to 6 hours after loading it.
The particularly large ash pan can be emptied every 2-3 days.
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