Slow cooking



We're at Matilde's place. 
With a keen interest in cooking and design, after travelling the world, she came back to the hills near Siena where she was born and grew up.
Margherita has Swedish roots and loves spending long periods of time at Matilde's place, enjoying the slow pace of life and authentic atmosphere of this landscape. Together, they have fun experimenting with unusual dishes made with traditional wood-fired cooking techniques and a passion passed down through generations.
"Neos" is the successful combination of a minimal aesthetic taste and traditional cooking techniques.
Let's take a look at it together. 



Simple shapes for a contemporary design

"I've always been passionate about design. I wanted a range cooker with traditional cooking functions and yet with a clean, essential design."
Neos is the latest creation from J.Corradi. It has a simple, linear design suitable for settings with a contemporary feel, like the large house where Matilde lives.
In line with Corradi's traditional approach, there are always top quality materials to ensure sturdiness and longevity even down to the smallest detail.
On the outside, appliances are covered with stainless steel or metal panels painted in various colours (avorio, nero and bordeaux). For a more retro effect, avorio or bordeaux majolica sides are available as well.
The doors are made with stainless steel, like the ones chosen by Matilde and Margherita, or black painted ones are available.
The range cooker has a stainless steel metal base.
Neos is available in the combined versions (lge = wood, gas, electric) or wood-only (l = wood).  


"I love experimenting with old techniques by using modern tools"

In winter, Matilde and Margherita offer their friends entire menus cooked exclusively with the wood-burning oven and the cast iron plate.
"It's not as complicated as you might think it is. You actually just need to take care of a few things, the right advice of my grandma and you'll get incomparable results". 
The inside of J.Corradi's wood-burning oven is made with polished stainless steel to make it easier to clean. It is surrounded with top quality, extra thick refractory material. That is why it maintains the heat perfectly and can be used to cook for the whole day, even when the embers have died.
The radiant cast iron plate is quite thick (8mm) and keeps a constant, even temperature throughout the whole cooking process..

The Neos range cooker comes as standard without an electric oven or a hob, so it can be integrated with other appliances of your choice.
"We chose the multifunction oven by J.Corradi, because it blends in perfectly with the kitchen's design."
Matilde's oven is quite big (56 litres) and offers 9 kinds of cooking techniques.



A range cooker that is also a "green" heating source.

"I think it's great to use the "organic" heat from wood and it makes wonderful dishes, while the firebox pleasantly warms up our living room."
Neos is designed to make the most of the "Continuous Fire" technique, which allows you to have hot embers up to 6 hours after the appliance was last loaded. The 39 cm deep firebox means you can also put in very big logs of wood, so the fire lasts longer.
The flame is controlled with a handy knob that supplies fresh air. Depending on your needs, you can have intense heat while cooking on the plate and in the oven, or moderate heat to keep the embers when you're heating the room or when you need slow and extended cooking.
The door is entirely made of glass to provide a full view of the flame and there is an integrated ash box too.

Neos is also available in a "thermo" version, i.e. it can be integrated with an existing heating system to heat the entire house.
The storage compartment or wood rack (photo to the left) turns into the hydraulic kit compartment in the "thermo" versions (top photo). A solution that makes installation and maintenance much easier and avoids having to create a special technical compartment next to the range cooker..
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