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Let's take a look at Beppe's house, 
Beppe, originally from Lecce and a fan of Puglia cuisine, lives in a big loft and loves having guests over for dinner.
The wood-burning range cooker is the strongest connection he has with the region where he was born.
"Country" is the best in terms of cooking functions and also ensures the entire loft is heated.
Let's take a look at it together.



Sophisticated details and uncompromising quality

"I like sound materials, although I also look for attention to detail. I want a range cooker that is beautiful to look at and that can withstand the heavy use I make of it."
Country is a sophisticated collection where you will be able to fully appreciate the experience and quality of J.Corradi. There are always top quality materials to ensure soundness and longevity - even down to the smallest detail.
On the inside, appliances are covered with enamelled metal panels and glazed in various colours (ivory, black, burgundy and green). The same colour is used for the porcelain handles which can be used without needing an isolating glove.
The profiles of the doors and drawers, the handrail pipe and the knob finishes are made of brass, antiqued brass and stainless steel.
The range cooker rests on feet in cast brass, antiqued brass or stainless steel. Alternatively, there is a metal base, like the one chosen by Beppe, which is particularly suitable for built-in solutions.
Country is available in the spacious combined versions (lge = wood, gas, electric) from 200 to 120 cm, in the more compact wood-only versions (l = wood) from 100 to 60 cm or gas-electric only versions (ge = gas, electric) from 120 to 60 cm.

Country è disponibile nelle ampie versioni combinate (lge = legna, gas, elettrico), dai 200 ai 120 cm, nelle versioni più compatte solo legna (l = legna) dai 100 ai 60 cm, o solo gas-elettrico (ge = gas, elettrico) dai 120 ai 60 cm.    


"I have everything I need to cook like a chef"

"I love my wood-burning oven, it's really huge (58 litres) and everything I cook has an absolutely delicious flavour and taste compared to electric ovens. 
The warmth of a wood-burning oven envelops the food, rather than attacking it on just one side and ensures excellent results.    
The temperature inside the oven depends on how much wood I put in but with the thermometer I can constantly control it and the refractory mass ensures it is even and constant."
The Country model chosen by Beppe has two electric ovens.
The first one is a 45-litre static oven with 4 kinds of traditional cooking methods. It is great for cakes, roasts, skewered meat, etc. and easy to clean thanks to the enamel coating on the inside.
The second one is a large 56-litre multifunction oven. Featuring a particularly sturdy design, it offers 9 kinds of cooking methods and a standard, built-in rotisserie function.
"The wide size of these ovens is perfect for me because I often have lots of guests over for dinner. I can easily fit even larger trays in the oven and cook several dishes at a time." 


The radiant cast iron plate is quite thick (8mm) and keeps a constant, even temperature throughout the whole cooking process.
"When the brazier is nice and hot, the cast iron plate cooks wonderfully. The hottest part is on the rings, right above the flame and is perfect for browning, while the sides provide diffused heat, which is great for slow cooking, like risotto, braised meat and any kind of sauce."
The plate is designed to be fitted with a hot water tank, which comes in very handy when you're cooking (feature available on 90 L, 100 L, 140 L models and combined models).
The hob can be customised with gas functions, glass ceramic hob, induction hob, BBQ and fry-top functions.
Compared with other ones on the market, gas hobs stand out for the sturdiness and longevity of the burners. 
 "I choose the fry-top because I love grilling. It's light, tasty and perfect for vegetables and fish, the main ingredients used in the region I come from. Before cooking, I put a few drops of oil n the food - just a few because that's all you need."
The fry-top is a thick cooking plate made with mirror-polished stainless steel (8 mm). The temperature can be set from 60 to 300°. The excess liquid is collected in the tank for easy cleaning after use.


The range cooker that heats the whole house

"My Country range cooker cooks and heats at the same time. This is what all traditional range cookers do, though I don't just heat the living area where it is installed, but the whole apartment."
Beppe chose a "Thermo" version range cooker that, in addition to the traditional function of cooking, was created to be integrated into the home's heating system. The heat generated in the brazier helps heat the water in the radiators or, as in the case of Beppe's loft, the underfloor heating system.
By integrating a heat exchanger and even a storage system (puffer tank), you can also have domestic hot water.
"I'm fully autonomous for the whole winter, thanks to a system that is both economical and eco-friendly."

"There is a nice, big brazier that is easily 50 cm deep. I can load very big logs of wood so I don't have to continually feed the fire. The embers usually remain hot for up to 6 hours after loading it.
Plus, the wide ash pan is particularly handy: I only need to empty it every 2-3 days."
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