Country 90 l Thermo

Wood-burning thermo-cooker with firebox, wood-burning oven, cast iron cooking grate.
Doors made ​​of cast brass, outer coating made of porcelain enamel metal in different colours.
Finishes in brass, antique brass and stainless steel. Available with feet made of cast metal or metal base for recessed solutions.

It is integrated into the home's heating system and helps to heat the water in the radiators or the underfloor heating system.

Country 90 l Thermo


In addition to the traditional function of cooking, J. Corradi cookers in the “Thermo” version are created to be integrated with the heating system of the house. Optimising the exploitation of the heat inside the firebox, they ensure really valuable energy saving.

These stoves can also be integrated with a heat exchanger for the production of domestic water.


The large firebox with a depth of 50 cm ensures less frequent loading of wood and, thanks to a “continuous flame”, allows for burning wood more than six hours after the last load.

Double glass door and circulation of cooling air.
Porcelain handle for use without insulating glove.  

The ash pan is particularly large and it can be emptied every 2-3 days.

Country 90 l Thermo


The wood-burning oven is characterised by generous dimensions (45 litres) and uniform and constant internal temperature. It allows for perfect cooking with unmatched flavours and taste compared to electric ovens.

Double glass door and circulation of cooling air.
Thanks to its considerable thickness (8 mm), the cast iron cooking grate allows you to maintain a more constant and uniform temperature throughout the cooking process, also ensuring a long service life over time.
A constant supply of hot water is essential for those who love cooking. A hot water tank is supplied as an optional feature to complete the features of the cast iron plate.

There is a hood (optional) that goes perfectly with the kitchen in terms of size, finishes and colours. It has a pleasant diffused light and washable stainless steel filters. 1,000 m3/h suction power.

As an optional feature, it can also be matched with a stainless steel wall-mounted panel with a handy bar to hang kitchen utensils.

The front handrail pipe, very handy when you're cooking, is fitted as standard. It is also available in a perimeter version or only on one side.  

Country 90 l Thermo


Country 90 l Thermo


Cooker's colours
Metal finishes
Antique brass
Stainless steel
Antique brass
Stainless steel
Stainless steel

Country 90 l Thermo


Country 90 l Thermo

Cooker's Technical data

90.00 (cm)
90.00 (cm)
65.00 (cm)
Nominal heat output 
23.50 (kW)
Water heat output 
18.20 (kW)
Heat exchanger capacity 
38.00 (l)
75.00 (%)
Heatable volume 
673.00 (m3)
Firebox depth 
50.00 (cm)
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 
14.00 (cm)
217.00 (kg)
Capacity wood-burning oven 
45.00 (l)

Country 90 l Thermo

Hood's Technical data

Hood's width 
90.00 (cm)
Hoob's height 
77/100 (cm)
Hood's depth 
57.00 (cm)
Extractor hood power 
1 000.00 (m3/h)
Hood's weight 
36.00 (kg)

Country 90 l Thermo