Slow cooking


Moderna is the new range of J.Corradi range cookers with a contemporary design,
combining endless cooking possibilities with the ability to heat the room with
the most environmentally friendly fuel in nature, wood.

Let's take a look at it together. 



Contemporary design and attention to detail

Moderna’s understated, linear design features a chrome-plated aluminium frame, which raises the entire structure from the ground and lightens it, and has no sharp edges whatsoever. Corners, doors and handles are bevelled and welded for better ergonomics and a great aesthetic effect. Frame and handles are in steel and aluminium. The outer cladding is either stainless or red or black powder-coated steel. The sides are ventilated for easier built-in installation. The range cooker is available with steel feet or metal plinth. Moderna is available in a variant for wood only (90 cm) and in combined version for wood, gas, electric (150 and 180 cm).


Endless cooking possibilities

Moderna’s cooktop can be combined to your liking to meet the most diverse needs. In wood versions, the classic cast iron plate with removable rings is available, and the wood-burning oven, 22 or 51 litres, with thermometer and internal light as standard. The LGE versions are completed with gas cooktop, with 4 or 5 hobs, according to the size, or electric, with induction hob. The electric oven, 64 or 110 litres, has an optional rotisserie feature.


As an alternative to the traditional cast iron plate, it is possible to install a ceramic glass plate above the wood firebox. It offers the same cooking performance as cast iron, with a more modern appearance and extremely easy cleaning.


Natural and eficient heating

The range cookers in the Moderna collection are excellent cooking appliances, but also extraordinary products to heat the home in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The fireboxes are in Alutec®, a patented refractory material that improves combustion. Combustion is regulated through a single control, integrated in the compartment, which makes it possible to change the amount of air that flows into the brazier, as needed. There is an air outlet on the back, to convey the oxygen required for combustion from the outside, rather than from the room.