Neos 155 pge

Cooker with combined elements of pellet, gas, electric, with firebox, glass ceramic hob and 3-modes oven (ventilated pellet oven, static pellet oven, electric food warmer).
Doors made ​​of stainless steel or black painted metal, sides in stainless steel, painted metal or tiled coating in different colours, front panel in stainless steel or painted metal.
Available with stainless steel base.

Hobs and electric oven are not off-the-rack supplied. They can be integrated with other appliances of your choice, supplied by J.Corradi or by other manufacturers.

Neos 155 p


This pellet range cooker heats the room it's in with forced ventilation from the sides, with all the benefits of a pellet-fuelled product (programming, cleaing, easy storage and savings).

All glass door for a perfect view of the flame.
The hopper can hold till 17 kg of pellet, for a long runtime. It can be easily opened from a door, which is situated just over the firebox.

A handy control panel with a thermostat lets you set the temperature you may have in the room. 

Neos 155 pge


Ventilated pellet oven mode.

This mode is perfect when you need a precise control the temperature inside the oven, but you want at the same time to maintain the room warm.
In this position, the room is still warmed up by the stove, but you cannot set a precise temperature.

Electric food warmer mode.

When the pellet cooker is off and/or in the summer, the oven function is ensured by an electric heating element that allows you to use your cooker all year round.

While the pellet is burning in the firebox, a glass ceramic hob is always warm and available for cooking. It is just over the oven and very easy to clean.
The multifunction electric oven (58 litres - optional) is well integrated with the design of the cooker and it is available in "modern" version (with stainless steel door) or "rustic version" (with black painted door).

Compared to other products on the market, the gas hob (optional) is characterised by the strength and durability of the burners, an average of 30 % more power, a large tank for liquids that is extremely easy to clean, robust and very stable enamelled cast iron grill.


By directing the power generated directly to the ferromagnetic bottom of the appropriate cookware, the electric induction hob (optional) does not disperse heat and ensures an energy performance of more than 90 %.

The electric glass-ceramic hob (optional) is distinguished by ease of use and cleaning. Through a floor with different areas and different levels of power, the heat is transmitted to the bottom of the cookware by means of high performance electrical resistance.


The storage compartment is handy to store plates and tableware or to keep warm the dishes, while wood is burning.

The sides are available in stainless steel or painted metal, with insulated panels ideal for recessed solutions. As alternative, it is also available a tiled coating side panel, that offers the pleasant retro texture as in the picture.


There is a hood (optional) that goes perfectly with the kitchen in terms of size, finishes and colours. It has a pleasant diffused light and washable stainless steel filters. 1,000 m3/h suction power.

As an optional feature, it can also be matched with a stainless steel wall-mounted panel with a handy bar to hang kitchen utensils.

The front handrail pipe, very handy when you're cooking, is fitted as standard.

Neos 155 pge

Available hob combinations

Neos 155 pge


Cooker's colours
Avorio tiled coating
Bordeaux tiled coating
Stainless steel
Metal finishes
Black painted metal
Stainless steel
Stainless steel

Neos 155 pge


Neos 155 pge

Cooker's Technical data

Energy Labelling: 
Pellet Combined
155.00 (cm)
87.00 (cm)
60.00 (cm)

Neos 155 pge

Hood's Technical data

Hood's width: 
155.00 (cm)
Hoob's height: 
77/100 (cm)
Hood's depth: 
57.00 (cm)
Extractor hood power: 
1 000.00 (m3/h)
Hood's weight: 
90.00 (kg)